On this page we offer you an overview of the results generated by the FED project to this date. The page will be regularly updated with new results. 

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Center Denmark

One of the most important results that has already been generated within the Flexible Energy Denmark project is the development that Center Denmark has gone through until reaching status as a national hub for energy data across sectors.

FED has contributed to the work in Center Denmark through delivery of data lake, expertise and funding for further development and expansion of the data lake.

Center Denmark will continue existing as a private company after the closure of the FED project in March 2023, and many of the results generated by FED will be anchored in Center Denmark, ensuring that they will be available for future energy digitalisation projects, DSOs and other relevant actors within the energy sector. 

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Establishment of 6 living labs

The FED project has established 6 living labs in which the tools and methods developed in the project are tested in real-world contexts. The 6 living labs represent central aspects of the energy system of the future:

Aalborg Forsyning (Aalborg) - Focus: Consumption-based regulation of local district heating loops and heat pumps in residential areas.

KONSTANT (Aarhus) - Focus: Data collection on consumption and grid quality for companies, including Aarhus Harbour.

Novasol (Blåvand) - Focus: Heating vacation house pools using surplus green energy ("virtual storage").

TREFOR (Triangle Area) - Focus: Balancing load in the power grid through collecting data from residential homes and power grid equipment.

Fredericia Fjernvarme - Focus: Investigate potentials for flexibility in the district heating grid through data-intelligent temperature optimization.

Høje-Taastrup Kommune - Focus: Monitoring nad control of the indoor climate of two schools with consideration for user comfort, among other things on the basis of user feedback.

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Center Denmark Dataplatform

Establishment of data lake in Center Denmark

The FED project has established a data lake that enables the collection, storage, sharing and analysis of data from the 6 living labs and other external sources. In the data lake, partners and other interested parties can access the data to use as the point of departure for analyses or in the use of the control tools developed in the FED project. 

In addition to the technical aspects - both with regards to the data lake itself and with regards to data collection and transmission to the data lake from the 6 living labs - the development has also included aspects such as GDPR regulations, ensuring the anonymization of all collected data. 

Interested parties can get access to the data lake through Center Denmark's Data Platform. 

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Development of models and tools

A number of models and tools have been developed, including:

  • Data collection and transfer from living labs to data lake
  • Modelling of forecast and control with regards to energy management of buildings, including weather forecasts and data collection from exposed flats
  • Modelling forecast and control on the basis of data-driven digital twins
  • Models and tools for controlling test scenarios in each living lab
  • App for user feedback regarding comfort (temperature experience) in living lab
  • Pricing models for the development of aggregators that may function as link between flexible consumers and the energy system
  • Modelling consumption patterns with the aim of lowering forward temperature in the district heating system

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