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An Actuator is a type of motor for powering or moving a mechanism or system. The actuator is powered by an energy source; often from electrical energy, hydraulic pressure difference or pneumatic pressure difference - and converts this energy into a mechanical motion


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BRP (Balance Responsible Party) in the electricity market is a market participant or its chosen representative responsible for its imbalances of one or multiple access points to the transmission grid

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Consumption profile

A consumption profile is a profile that shows a supply customer's energy consumption, often over a specific period of time.

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Data lake

A digital data lake is a term for an aggregate database containing raw and unstructured data. Data is sent from the project's Living Labs. Data from the the project's data lake is used for further analysis and research. 


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Distribution System Operator is a term for local supply companies that supplies the users with one or more types of supply ex. electricity, water or heat. 


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Degree day

Degree days are measures of how cold or warm a location is. A degree day compares the mean in- and outdoor temperatures recorded for a location within a 24 hour timeframe, and is used for calculating heat consumption  


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Electrical grid

A system of cables, wires, transformer stations and more, that connects one or more powerplants or other electricity-generating facilities 


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Living Lab

A Living Lab is an actual living lab containing real consumerdata within a pre established and actual enviroment ex. at a district- or powersupplyer. 

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Mixing Loop

A Mixing loop ensures that the temperature of the water in your underfloor heating system is right; regardless of the water supply temperature.


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Surplus heat

Surplus heat is the heat that is often produced in an industrial connection and is of a greater amount than is needed in the current situation or within a company, after which the heat is used in a different relation or is wasted. 


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Transmission System Operator (a state national entity, providing biogas or electricity with a defined infrastructure) EU defined term 

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Transmission grid

Transmission Grid, the overall grids (including electricity, natural gas and district heating) that lead large amount of energy over long distances 

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Virtuel energy

Virtuel energy is a term for storing energy "virtually", meaning that the FED is trying to use ex. the district heating network to store surplus power from sustainable energy sources. 

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