Published 07. Apr. 2022

FED results to live on through Center Denmark

When the FED project closes in March 2023, the results from the project will be made available for the entire Danish energy sector. This will be possible through project partner Center Denmark, who is also among the core partners of the new Danish Digital Energy Hub funded by The Danish Industry Foundation.  

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Press release, The Danish Industry Foundation, 23 March 2022

The Danish power supply needs to be smarter, and we need to speed up the development of the digital solutions and business models that will be crucial if we are to succeed with the green transition. These are the goals of a new ambitious collaboration within the field of energy, funded by The Danish Industry Foundation. Increased digitalization of the energy grid will also result in significant advantages such as a stabler power supply and new smart consumer solutions.

In the coming years, we will see a steadily increasing use of green forms of energy, making a markedly increased degree of digitalization in the energy sector a necessity. Today, the sector suffers from an extensive lack of innovative digital companies capable of developing the solutions necessary for reaching the 2030 goal of a 70% reduction of CO2 emissions.

This is why The Danish Industry Foundation has entered into a collaboration with a series of strong partners on establishing the Digital Energy Hub, whose purpose is to future-proof Denmark's leading position within energy technology by boosting digital competences within, among other things, artificial intelligence and Machine Learning. The aim is to facilitate the development of new successful energy technology companies, as they will play a crucial role in the green transition of the energy sector in which power from sustainable energy sources is increasingly used.

- We are facing a significant positive challenge in terms of making sure our energy supply is intelligent, as the demand for electricity increases and sustainable energy sources gain ground. We believe that the Digital Energy Hub can contribute to solving this challenge. In addition, the Digital Energy Hub will play a central role in supporting the sustainability of Danish industry, in which digital and intelligent energy solutions will be increasingly crucial for production companies to electrifying their production and decrease CO2 emissions, says Thomas Hofman-Bang, CEO of The Danish Industry Foundation.

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By facilitating the establishment of more companies capable of developing the necessary digital solutions, this will also benefit energy consumers - companies and private citizens alike. Because as the energy supply is increasingly electrified, the risk of outages and blackouts also increases markedly, unless the digital data-driven solutions keep up. This happened for several hundred homes in Fredericia on Christmas Eve when the power went out because of, among other things, a significant load on the grid from electrical heat pumps. The risk of a similar outage will only increase in the future unless the power grid, which in many places stems from the 1950s and 1960s, is supported by new digital solutions.

More highly skilled companies will also ensure the development of new digital services that will help Danish citizens make the right choices and facilitate behaviour that supports the green transition, for instance an app that measures not only heat pump consumption but also shows CO2 footprint which energy source has supplied the power being used.

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Data to kickstart the digitalization of the energy sector

One of the strong partners behind the new Digital Energy Hub is Center Denmark - a non-profit and independent company that supplies digital infrastructure supporting actors within the energy sector in the development of new data-driven solutions. The first years of the company's existence have been spent establishing a foundation and a digital infrastructure that enables the utilization of data in the energy sector.

- We know that data-driven solutions are capable of reducing CO2 emissions markedly with minimal investments, even within a foreseeable future, says CEO of Center Denmark, Søren Skov Bording.

Another member of the Digital Energy Hub is Energinet, who intends to primarily contribute with knowledge on potentials and challenges in the green transition of the energy system.

- A strong digital entrepreneurship and industrial environment is a crucial element in bringing data into play in green digital business models. It will be crucial for our being able to efficiently transform the energy system and utilize our current energy infrastructure optimally. The Digital Energy Hub is an important initiative to support this development, says Thomas Egebo, CEO of Energinet.

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About the Digital Energy Hub:

The Digital Energy Hub is a newly established innovation hub funded by The Danish Industry Foundation. The foundation of the hub is a partnership between Center Denmark, Energy Cluster Denmark, DigitalLead, SDU, DTU, AU, AAU and Innovation Centre Denmark Silicon Valley. 

The new hub will facilitate cross-disciplinary collaboration and innovation sprints for SME's and large enterprises. That way, the Digital Energy Hub can develop competitive digital companies that drive innovation across different sectors and strengthen the development of new technology, including data-intelligent solutions, service platforms and new business models.