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The international conference on Green Digitalization 2020 is organized by three of the leading research consortia in Denmark: CITIES - Centre for IT-Intelligent Energy Systems (in cities), DiCyPS - Center for Data-Intensive Cyber-Physical Systems and FED - Flexible Energy Denmark.

The conference programme includes a range of Danish and international presentations focusing on the present state and future potential of green digitalization – data collection, management and analysis to flexibility and balance of the energy system to the benefit of consumers, DSOs, TSOs, etc. – and, most of all, to the benefit of the environment.

Location: Kokbjerg 30, 6000 Kolding, Denmark

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> Mark O'Malley, Professor of Electrical Engineering, University College Dublin

> Francesco Fusco, Research Staff Member, IBM Research - Ireland

> Andrew Keane, Director of Energy Institute at University College Dublin

> Tilman Weckesser, Consultant, MSc Engineering, PhD at Danish Energy

> Peter Hermans, DGA, Valcre BV

> Anders Stouge, Deputy Director General, Danish Energy Association

> Kim Guldstrand Larsen, Professor, Aalborg University

> Peter Rathje, CEO, ProjectZero

> Kim Behnke, Head of Development, Danish District Heating Association

> Peter Hermans, DGA, Valcre BV

> Henrik Madsen, Professor, Technical University of Denmark