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FED is a Danish digitization project aimed at turning Danish power consumption flexible to enable utilization of excess power from wind turbines and solar cells. 

The project brings together Denmark's foremost researchers, organizations, supply companies, software companies and a number of living labs that provide data for the project.


The goal: The balancing energy system

By use of digitalization and flexibility, FED will attempt to balance energy consumption with the production of sustainable green energy.

This leads to these advantages:

  • Cost savings through decreased need for new energy investments

  • Reduction of CO2 emissions due to full utilization of the sustainable green energy available

Latest news

822882 Brug Din El Fleksibelt Aalborg Universitet Torben Bach Colourbox
AAU: Consume power flexibility and contribute to the green transition

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Sommerhus Colourbox Aau
FED sub-project: Smart heat management makes holiday houses with pools more climate-friendly

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Kunstig Intelligens Colourbox Aau
DTU: Artificial intelligence reduces the energy consumption of buildings

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Fed Annual Meeting
Watch the video from FED Annual Partner Meeting 2019

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GEV Driftcentralen
DTU: District heating tests climate-friendly air conditioning based on cooled hot water

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