The FED ecosystem

Denmark’s new national research center for green transition, Center Denmark, is to ensure that the solutions and results of the FED project are made available to the entire energy sector in Denmark.

That is what we call "the FED ecosystem”.

The FED project is digital and based on energy data obtained from the living labs in the project. These number several supply companies in Denmark, a municipality and a vacation house rental company. You can explore the partners of the project here

The FED eco system includes:

  • A data eco system (a so-called “data lake” that contains a variety of energy-related data that are mainly collected from the living labs in the project, but also from other sources such as BBR (The Danish Buildings and Homes Register) and DMI (Danish Metereological Institute)
  • An eco system for digital tools (tools based on artificial intelligence, are enabled by Big Data from the data eco system)
  • An eco system for digitization solutions that combine some of the developed tools, with the purpose of managing the energy flexibility in Denmark.

A number of factors influence the FED ecosystem and thereby the possibility of success for the project (these are also known as CSTEP-factors):

  • Climate, environment, and geographic situation
  • Social culture, demographic environment
  • Technology (infrastructure environment, technological skills relevant technology readiness)
  • Economy and finance
  • Policies and regulation